Just as the store dashboard was created to help you optimize your store's performance, the affiliate dashboard was created to help you increase your income from affiliate links.

It helps you to track registrations and conversions to paying users of people who used your link to signup to DSM Tool. You can see who signed up using your link and contact them to try to increase your conversion rate.

At the top of the affiliate dashboard, you will find the performance metrics and the performance trend

The performance metrics are the current status of your affiliate account:

  • Total affiliates - the number of people that signed up using your affiliate link

  • Total earned - The total amount of affiliate commission that was credited to your account, including both the currently available funds and the funds that were already redeemed.

  • Total claimed - The total amount of money that was claimed and already paid to you.

  • Total available - The total amount of money that is available for you to claim*

* The minimum amount to claim is $100

The performance trend graph shows over time the number of people that registered through your affiliate link and the trend of how much money you make from users that upgrade or pay their monthly subscription.

Below the performance metrics appear a table called the affiliate list. It contains the names, emails, DSM Tool plan, and the amounts of money the people that signed up with your link are making for you.

The affiliate list contains the following informative columns:

  • Plan - shows the DSM Tool subscription plan of the users who registered here using your affiliate link. Also, it shows how much money currently their subscription brings you.

  • Available money - is money that you earned for an affiliated user that was not yet claimed. So you need to claim it to get this commission.

  • Monthly payment - shows you your income from one specific affiliate.

  • Payments left - how many of the 12 months of payment are left (for users who subscribed to monthly plans).

A popular technique to increase your affiliate payments is to contact the new signups that are using a Free plan and offer them help.

For example, affiliators that want to increase conversions contact their Free plan affiliated users and offer a 1-on-1 session in return for the affiliated user upgrading their plan to a monthly/annual plan.

In case you want to do that, contact the affiliated user and offer them exactly that, verify they upgraded their account in the affiliate list table before providing them with the lesson.

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