When eBay suspends an account, the seller is usually notified by email. In most cases they will provide details on what you did wrong. The reason for the suspension could depend on two main factors.

  1. eBay Rules Violations.

  2. Bad Seller Practice.

This guide will introduce you to the reasons why eBay might just do that. To get a further detailed explanation including ways to overcome all of the suspension types please refer to the complete guide on how to solve eBay suspensions.

Let’s dive into each of these factors and explain the types of suspension you need to be on the lookout for..

Reasons for eBay suspensions

eBay Rules Violations

These are caused by actions of the seller that clearly violates the rules of the marketplace.

  • Listing prohibited items

Sellers must comply with what type of products are allowed to be sold on the website and what others aren’t. I will list just a few of these items so you have a better idea:

  1. Drugs & alcohol.

  2. Live animals.

  3. Counterfeit products.

  4. Recalled items.

  5. Cultural Heritage.

Learn more about prohibited items on eBay in this guide

  • Violating eBay’s VeRO program

Right Owners is a program that eBay offers to protect intellectual properties such as copyrighted material: logos, trademarks, etc.

Learn how to avoid VeRO violations in this guide

Bad Seller Practices

Overall bad store management can lead to an account suspension. Here are the top four metrics eBay will evaluate from your store:

  • Outstanding Payments

Not paying your seller fees or your customers reimbursements. That is why it is recommended that you set up an automatic payment method.

  • Late Shipping

Not processing orders on time along with late shippings is something eBay won’t tolerate. That is why you need to set up solid Business Policies as dropshippers depending on your suppliers.

Learn more how to setup business policies on eBay

Transaction Defect Rate

This correlates to the amount of orders you cancel due to stock shortage.

  • Customer Service

Store metrics are normally evaluated by the impact of positive or negative feedback. This means that providing bad customer support to your buyers will harm your account.

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Types of eBay Suspensions

You may encounter a temporary suspension that may be easy to get out of and then there are indefinite suspension periods where you may need to work your way around it.

There are three types of suspensions:

  1. Account Holds: These are simply temporary holds that eBay places on your account due to verification purposes. You can contact eBay’s customer service via a call or chat support to get this issue resolved.

  2. Account Restrictions: This mainly happens when your account is not in good standings.

  3. Indefinite account suspensions: When an eBay seller has an overall bad store management, violates eBay’s policies and perhaps has multiple accounts, these types of suspensions come into play.

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