Every new eBay seller account comes with setting options that allow you to customize it to your needs. Follow this step by step article to optimize your eBay settings for dropshipping.

This article will take you step-by-step through the following eBay settings setup:

  1. Store name

  2. Automatic payment method

  3. Opt-in to eBay seller hub

  4. Business policies

  5. Opt-in to Global Shipping program

  6. Enabling the out-of-stock option

  7. Excluding shipping locations

  8. Return preferences

  9. Unpaid item assistant setup

Change Your eBay User ID

When you sign up to eBay and create a seller account eBay assigns you with a name for your store automatically. The user name appears when you open the dropdown menu in the top left corner of the screen.

To change the user name, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Top left dropdown menu > Account Settings > Personal Information

  2. Click Edit to the right of User ID

  3. Enter the new user name and click Save

Set Up Automatic Payment Method

The automatic payment method is used to pay your monthly fees to eBay:

  1. Insertion fees for adding products to your store. Don't worry, as a new seller you get 200 zero-fee insertions every month, and you can always extend the zero-fee insertions using an eBay store subscription.

  2. Selling fees, unless you use the eBay managed payments service to get paid on eBay the selling fees are invoices and not immediately charged

  3. Monthly subscriptions in case you upgrade your eBay store

Setting up an automatic payment method will make sure that your account does not gain debt to eBay, which can lead it to get suspended until you settle the debt.

To change the automatic payment method follow these steps:

  1. Go to Top left dropdown menu > Account Settings > Payment Options

  2. Click Add Payment Option

  3. Choose the payment option you would like to set up

  4. Fill up the payment details and click Add

Opt-In to eBay Seller Hub

The seller hub is the management panel for eBay sellers. It contains important information about your account status, a list of pending tasks, statistics about your store performance, and many other features.

Click here to opt into the eBay seller hub

Tip: Learn more about its features in the eBay seller hub guide

Setting Up Business Policies

Business policies are an advanced feature to setup shipping, return, and payment policies. Its biggest advantage is that it allows you as a dropshipping seller to set up different policies for different websites you source products from.

For example, you can set up different shipping times for products you source from China and products that you source from the US.

It is most recommended to source products from Ali Express when you are getting started, to do that, follow the guide on how to set up eBay business policies for Ali Express dropshipping. Find more policy templates on the guide to eBay business policies.

Opt-in To Global Shipping Program (GSP)

The eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) is a logistics forwarding service of eBay that allows you to ship products internationally without the need of handling international shipping.

It is actually not relevant for your first days on eBay, since the website you are going to source products from is most likely Ali Express and it already ships internationally. The GSP is helpful when you expand your business and start sourcing products locally, for example from U.S websites.

To opt-in, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Top left corner dropdown menu > Account Settings > Site Preferences

  2. Click Show to the right of the Shipping Preferences section

  3. Click Edit to the right of Offer the Global Shipping Program

  4. Select Allow me to customize international shipping by country

  5. Click Submit

Enabling the Out-of-Stock option

When you add a new product to your store you set its quantity, and when you sell the entire quantity you set to the products the listing is automatically ended and becomes unavailable unless you use the out-of-stock option.

When a listing end on eBay its selling history is erased and you if you want to keep selling it you have to list it again.

By enabling the out-of-stock option when a product's quantity reaches 0 the listing on eBay doesn't end and goes out of stock instead, to sell it again all you have to do is to adjust its quantity again.

To enable the out of the stock feature on eBay, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Top left corner dropdown menu > Account Settings > Site Preferences

  2. Click the Yes checkbox on the right of use the out-of-stock option

  3. Click Apply

DSM Tool has a re-stocking mechanism called the Automatic Re-Sales Preserving feature, it is enabled by default in every new DSM Tool account. This feature detects when a product goes out of stock in your eBay store and then automatically restocks it, as long as the supplier on Ali Express (or another website you use for sourcing) still has the product in stock.

The Automatic Re-Sales Preserving feature settings in DSM Tool can be found under Account Settings -> Sales & Orders

Excluding Shipping Locations

Setting up an exclusion list through the site preferences settings one eBay will make sure your products will not show up in the search results for buyers from the countries you exclude.

To reach the excluded countries list follow these steps:

  1. Go to Top left corner dropdown menu > Account Settings > Site Preferences

  2. Click the Shipping Preferences in the shipping preferences section

  3. Click Edit on the right of Exclude shipping locations

Different drop shipping sellers choose to exclude different countries when they are dropshipping from websites like Ali Express, theoretically, Ali Express ships worldwide but technically some sellers on Ali Express don't ship to some countries.

In the image below you can find a recommendation for the typical countries to exclude:

Return Preferences: RMA Number

Since 2018 eBay automatically accepts returns in some cases. When that happens eBay issues a return label with the address registered as your return address on eBay and then sends it to your buyer.

The address on the label is set automatically to the address you entered when you signed up as a seller to eBay which is in many cases your home address. But when you process a return on eBay the address you actually want to the buyer to ship the product to is the address your supplier provides you with.

To avoid the automatic return label printing follow these steps:

  1. Go to Top left corner dropdown menu > Account Settings > Site Preferences

  2. Click Edit on the right of Return Preferences

  3. Check the option Give me the option to add an RMA to each return label

With the RMA option checked every return case that will be opened will not issue an automatic return label. You then will have about 3-5 days to process the return directly with your buyer. Remember to follow these steps in case of a return:

  1. Contact the buyer and ask them for proof for the return reason

  2. Open a return case on Ali Express (or any other website you source products from) and provide the proof from the buyer

  3. Recieve the return address/label from the supplier and send them to the buyer on eBay

Tip: Many dropshipping sellers choose to change the street address in the return address on eBay to "No Returns Address - Contact Us For Returns". You can find the returns settings under Account Settings > Addresses > Return Address

Unpaid Item Assistant

The unpaid item assistant is a recommended feature to enable in case you decide to sell products from home on top of your dropshipping business and choose to accept different types of payments that aren't the immediate payment that you set up in your payment policy.

The assistant will open a case against the buyer automatically in case the buyer committed to purchasing an item but did not pay for it.

For drop shipping beginners, it has no effective meaning, but it is a good practice to turn it on already now.

  1. Go to Top left corner dropdown menu > Account Settings > Site Preferences

  2. Click Edit on the right of Unpaid Item Assistant

  3. Choose Yes and click Save

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