Business policies are important because using them makes you transparent with your potential buyers about how they can pay you, will you be accepting returns and how long will they receive their package, aka Payment, Return and Shipping policies.

After setting up your business policy it is important to comply with each service you choose to keep a good healthy ebay seller account. Therefore, it is recommended to get to know each website you are planning to use as a supplier and source products from, research their policies and customize your eBay store business policies based on the information that you’ve gathered.

eBay allows creating multiple policies, this will benefit you if you’re sourcing products for dropshipping from multiple websites while each one has its own policy. Moreover, you can set up the business policies per supplier in DSM Tool

In this article we’re going to dig deeper and explain the services you can choose when settings up your business policies, we’ll also reveal some recommendations of the most popular policies settings for you to use. 

This article cotains 3 sections:
Shipping policy
Return policy
Payment policy

- Shipping policy -

To set up your shipping policy, start by checking what is your supplier (the website you source products form) offering:

  1. Do they offer free or paid shipping?

  2. How long is their estimated delivery?

  3. How long is their handling time?

  4. Where do they ship to?

Once you have learned the policies of the website you plan to source products from, set up the right business policies for it on eBay and set it up as a supplier in DSM Tool.

Shipping Policies for US Dropshipping Suppliers

Every shipping policy on eBay for US requires setting up a few parameters: shipping service, handling time, location exclusion and international shipping settings.

Shipping services
If we take some of DSM Tool US supported suppliers, according to their shipping policy, and offer free shipping over a specific order value. It gives you two options: you can choose to include the shipping fee in every prodect price through the price monitor settings, or to charge shipping fee separately via the shipping policy on eBay. 

When buyers search for items, they can sort results by Price + Shipping. Items with free shipping or low shipping fee tend to rank higher in search results, therefore it’s recommended to include shipping fee in the final price using the DSM Tool lister and not include the shipping fee as part of the shipping policies.

Handling time
The handling time on eBay is the time it takes you to ship the products to your customer, it is being measures by the time passed from the moment the item was sold until you update the tracking information for it. Most of the US websites you can use as suppliers with DSM Tool use standard shipping methods and handle packaging within 1-3 days of placing the order. 

Shipping policy to use when sourcing from US suppliers
If you choose to include the shipping fee in your item’s final price and you plan to process the orders in less than 24 hours from the time the product was sold on you eBay store, use the following settigns in your policy:

Note:  some dropshippers prefer to set 3 handlind days, it depends on how fast you process the orders once you make a sale, and how long it takes you to update the tracking number once you got it via email.

Charging shipping Fee
If you prefer to charge shipping fee through the eBay policies, you can add it here:

Excluded locations
Most of the websites that sell online in the US don't ship to far locations such as Alaska/Hawai and to P.O boxes. Therefore, when setting up the business policies it’s recommended to exclude the following locations, unless you know for sure that your suppliers are able to deliver to those locations

Ship internationally with eBay global shipping program
eBay offers their own international shipping service, all you need to do is to enroll in the program and to enable the service in your shipping policy.
Once an item is sold, you’ll need to ship the item to ebay’s global shipping center, and they will ship it for you worldwide.
Make sure to select it in your shipping policy as shown below:

Shipping Policies For Chinese Dropshipping Suppliers

Shipping Services from China

If you are planning to source products from Chinese websites such as Aliexpress you will find a variety of sellers that use an assortment of shipping methods.
The most popular shipping method used by dropshippers due to its reliability is called ePacket. It is a well known Chinese EMS service that ships faster than the Chinese postal service, plus unlike many other shipping services in China it provides a valid tracking number.

Shipping with ePacket to the USA

DSM Tool can calculate the shipping rate for ePacket deliveries automatically and add it the product price. To activate this setting, adjust the monitor settings for Ali Express and choose ePacket as the "shipping company".

If you up the ePacket fees to be added automatically, you can then setup your eBay business policies to "free shipping".

Shipping with ePacket to Other Countries
The ePacket shipping fees varies depending on the destination you are shipping to, at the moment DSM Tool canonly automatically calculate the ePacket shipping rates to the USA, so we’ve gathered for you the average cost of the according to the destination country. 

- Return policy -

As previously mentioned, it is best to start by checking what is your supplier return policy,
And then you can choose to offer one of the following return options in your own policy:

  • No returns

  • 30-day buyer-paid returns

  • 30-day free returns

  • 60-day buyer-paid returns

  • 60-day free returns

eBay rewards offering a 30 day free returns policy with greater listing visibility meaning:

  1. there is a higher likelihood of shoppers finding your listing when using filters to search for items

  2. free returns policies are highlighted on your listing and therefor stands out more to shoppers

  3. eBay has marketing campaigns which highlight item listings that offer free returns

If your supplier does not charge you for returns then you can choose to offer free returns in your policy. 

Recommended return policy

Learn more about eBay return policy

- Payment policy -

To help provide a safe experience, eBay only allows payment methods that offer strong protection for buyers and sellers. 

The available payment methods allowed by eBay:

  • PayPal

  • PayPal Credit

  • Credit card or debit card processed through the seller's Internet merchant account

  • Payment upon pickup (payment upon pickup must offer one of the approved electronic payment methods. Listings may include the statement: "Contact me for payment methods to pay on pickup.")

For most categories, you need to offer at least one electronic payment or Internet merchant credit card option. This provides a fast and secure transaction for you and the buyer. When a buyer clicks the Pay Now button in My eBay, the listing, or email notification, they pay you immediately and the payment is processed through the option you've chosen. You receive an email telling you that you've been paid and you can ship the item. 

As dropshippers, it is best to allow only PayPal since they offer seller protection against scammers or if buyers open cases against you claiming that the item was not received, and if you can provide a proof of delivery then you are covered by PayPal. 



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