As technology progress, more and more companies are creating their own Chrome Extensions. This creates a bottle-neck when trying to publish new versions of a Chrome Extension software.

Since Google recently are taking the time approving Chrome Extensions new versions, the best way to verify you got the latest version of the DSM Tool Chrome extension is to manually install it

After reading this article you will have the knowledge how to manually install the Chrome extension by yourself, which you can always try to do if you are troubleshooting an issue.

Download the .ZIP file from the DSM for Chrome page in DSM Tool

Open the menu of downloaded file and click Show in Folder

Right click the file extract the file

Open chrome browser and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner

Choose More tools > Extensions

Enable the "developer-mode" at the top right corner

Click on "Load upacked" at the top left corner

Locate the file and click "Select Folder"

The Chrome extension is now installed

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