New to DSMTool? Do you have an active Shopify store?
This article will show you how to properly sign up for DSM so you can connect your Shopify store.


Step 1

From the DSM home page, click on Join FREE or Sign up button

Step 2

Next step is to provide your basic information. You need to have an active email address to use in signing up for DSMTool. Or you can simply click on Log in with Google.

After filling out the required information, click on the box that says, "I'm not a robot" then complete the verification, then click Sign Up.

Then a confirmation message will show up. 

Step 3

Next is to confirm your account registration through your email account.
Check the inbox of your email account.

Open the email and click on the green button to verify the account.

Didn't receive the confirmation email?

If you didn't receive the confirmation email, there's a way to resend it. You need to go to the DSM Log In page and click this button.

After clicking it, the confirmation email will be resent to you.

Step 4

After verifying your account, you will see the option to choose which store will be connected to DSM, eBay or Shopify. Choose Shopify.

Note: each DSM account can only be connected to one target website. You can sell on both eBay and Shopify by linking multiple DSM accounts.

Here's how to create an account for eBay store.

Next is to provide your Shopify store name.
Store name can be found in Shopify url or in your Shopify General settings. 

After logging in, you need to grant access to DSMTool, click Install unlisted app.

Step 5

After syncing your Shopify account to DSM, you need to configure your account. 

This is where need to set your Break even % and Desired Profit %, your Default Target and Currency.
To learn more about setting your Break even % and Profit.
You can also set the option to enable or disable the restocking feature
Once done, click NEXT.

Step 6

Next step is about the DSM Terms and Conditions. Simply Click on the checkbox if you have read the terms and conditions, then click AGREE.

Step 7

It is the final step in creating your DSM account. It will only ask if you want to check the plans offered, or just continue without upgrading by clicking MAYBE LATER.

You can always check our plans and pricing in the subscription page.

After following all the steps, you are all set! you can now start importing listings and enjoy all the features offered by DSMTool.

Feel free to reach our chat support team for assistance.

Good Luck!

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