DSM Product Search is one of the features of the DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension. It helps you to search the same keywords between all of the potential drop shipping suppliers for your store, and in shopping search engines like Google Shopping.

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How to install the DSM Product Search
How to set up dropshipping suppliers for product search
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How to find lower prices for items you just sold

- How to install the DSM product search -

Go to the Google web store and locate the DSM Auto Paste, you can also click on the following link to install the dropshipping Chrome extension.

Click Add to Chrome, then click "Add Extension"

The DSM Auto Paste is now installed in your Chrome browser

- How to setup drop shipping suppier in DSM product search -

Before starting to use the DSM Product Search make sure you set up the suppliers you wish to be opened in new tabs.

To set up the suppliers, open the DSM Auto Paste by clicking on it's icon at the extensions bar of your Google Chrome browser, and click on "More Settings"

Select the suppliers or search engines you wish to search and click save.
Note: You must select at least one drop shipping supplier/website for the search to work

- How to search products for drop shipping -

To search products for dropshipping, it is recommended to start by performing a demand analysis. There are many methods for demand analysis refer to the How to find products for dropshipping section in the Dropship Academy to learn more about product research for drop shipping.

No matter if you find demand for products doing manual research or using demand analysis for drop shipping softwares, once you found demand for a product - you have to also find a supplier for it.

Enter the title or keywords for a product you wish to find a supplier by clicking on the DSM Auto Paste in the Chrome extensions bar, entering a query and clicking "Search"

The DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension will open in new tabs the search results for your query from all of the suppliers you set up in the settings.

In this example, the query "Product Title Goes Here" was searched in 7 dropshipping suppliers and Google Shopping, allowing you to browse and locate the cheapest product price in less than a minute.

- How to find cheaper price for products you just sold -

If you just sold a product, you are now able to increase your profit within less than a minute by simply locating the cheapest purchase price among your dropshipping suppliers.

To perform the search, go to the Sales and Orders page, locate your sale and click on the Compare between suppliers button.

The product title will be immediately opened and searched between the suppliers you set up for the DSM Product Search, you can now easily browse between them and locate the supplier with the cheapest price.

Tip: use the DSM Product Search to locate similar products among your suppliers and list them on your dropshipping store. A product that you just sold shows growing demand and by browsing the different suppliers you might find similar cheaper products that might get sold as well.

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