Congratulations on your first sale!
Getting your listings sold is a good start to boost your seller rating and scale up your business.

But how do you process the order in DSMTool?
This article will show you step by step how to do that.

Steps on Fulfilling Orders in DSM

  1. Finding the order.

  2. Placing the order on the source website.

  3. Updating Tracking number in DSM.

Finding the order

You can find all the orders of your monitored listings the Sales and Orders page. 

On each sale row you'll find the information about the order, including the buyer's name and address.

Placing the Order on the Supplier's Website

To order the product from the source, click on the source logo from the Sales and Orders page to be redirected 

Next is to add your buyer's shipping address which you will copy from Sales and Orders page

Paying to the source site 

All the sites accept Credit and Debit cards
Some of the sites accept PayPal; like Gearbest, Bangood and some AliExpress sellers.
Most of the sites accept Gift Cards like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Tip: Looking for Amazon an gift card? Please refer to this link for more information: Getting an Amazon Gift Card.

Making sure your buyer does not see your buying price

Each source site have their own options. When you buy from sites like: Amazon, Sears or Kmart you can choose to buy it as a “gift”. From Aliexpress, you can leave a message to the seller.

After buying the item form the source website, make sure to mark it as ordered. Just press the gray shopping cart.

After you click the button, it will turn blue

Updating Tracking number in DSM

Tracking numbers can be found from the source site. Some will send you the tracking number to your email as well.
Once you get it, you need to add it to the order by pressing the yellow envelope icon:

Then a pop up window will appear for you to paste the Carrier name and the Tracking number:

Tip: You need to set both tracking number and carrier, otherwise item will be just mark as sent with no tracking details.

After you learn how it works and do it the first time, it will be much easier to do and it works like a charm.

Using DSM Chrome Extension to Process the Order

Another way of fulfilling the order in DSMTool is by using the DSM Chrome Extension. It is much easier since it only takes few clicks to do it.

It allows you to easily copy and paste the buyer's address when you purchase the product from the source site, and updating the Tracking Numbers.

To learn more about using the DSM Auto Paste tracking feature and DSM Auto Paste address feature.

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