Costway is an American company established in 2008 and started it's own online retail shop in 2015 ( They provide consumers with plenty of choices from home and garden items to sport and hardware equipment, from vehicle and DIY projects to business and industry products.

Set up Costway as a supplier

Default location settings
Break even settings
Business policies settings
Templates settings
Price monitor settings
Using DSM Auto-Paste in Costway
Drop-shipping from Costway

- Default Location Settings -

To set a default location for your items, simply type in the location within the dedicated text-box in your DSM Tool Lister settings tab.

Costway has a total of 9 warehouses as of the moment, 5 in the US, 2 in the UK, and 2 in Germany. Based on the website of Costway, their warehouses are located in California, Kansas, New Jersey in the US. In the UK it is located in Ipswich. In Russia - Moscow. Germany - Hamburg.

- Break even settings -

The break even percentage are available to modify in your DSM Tool Lister settings tab.
It is important to set the right break even settings when working with any supplier, Costway included. The right percentage to be set depended on multiple variables:

1. Marketplace fee: If you're selling on eBay, the average final value fee for a sale is 9-10% varies by the seller location.

2. Payment processing fee: should also be taken in consideration, Paypal fees or any other payment processing fees you might be charged for.

For example- if you are accepting Paypal as the main payment processor you should consider both your % based transaction fee which is different between each seller (normally 2.9%-4.4%) and don't forget to take in a count the fixed transaction fee (usually $0.3 for US sellers, £0.2 for UK sellers and €0.35 for Germany, yet it is recommended to check your fees according to where you are selling at and where is your Paypal account registered).

Fixed transaction fees are not available via the DSM Tool settings, therefore it is recommended to add them as an estimation according to the price range of the items you are selling. For example, if most of the items you are selling from Costway are around $100 sell price, you should add 0.3% to represent a $0.3 fee.

2. Tax exemption: Are you local citizen in the country you are selling in or an international seller? For which is located only in the U.S therefore if you are an American citizen you might want to consider taking a tax consultation to check the ability to get the tax exempted which will lower your purchase price

3. Discounts and gift cards: Are you using discounted gift card, cash-back credit card or a cash-back service when purchasing from Costway? If so, you might wish to take that into account as well when choosing the right break even percentage.

- Business Policies settings -

It is important to learn the shipping, payment and return methods every supplier provides in order to plan your workflow and adjust your policies accordingly.

Shipping policy
Since Costway items are shipped within the United states and they often use standard shipping method, shipping service must be set accordingly. 

In the example below we set for a U.S eBay store a free standard shipping of 1 to 5 days.

To learn more about Costway shipping terms, click here.

Return policy
As Costway states in their return policy - If an item isn’t the perfect match, return it for a refund within 90 days after order was placed in the original condition and packaging.

Click here to see the excluded list and learn more about Costway's return policy.

In the example below, we set in an eBay U.S store domestic free returns payed by the seller up to 30 days after product arrival.

- Templates settings -

Every supplier offers different shipping duration, handling time, returns policies and payment methods.

This is why in DSM Tool we allow you to notify your buyers with your shipping, payments and return policies via your item description (using the DSM Tool tempaltes). 

Click here to learn more how to use Business policies templates.

Note: If not modified, the business policies templates default text will be set to use in Costway items as well.

- Price monitor settings -

Some of the products in Costway does not offer free shipping by default, therefore consider allowing selling products with that does not offer free shipping when working with Costway. 

You can find this setting under the monitor settings tab

- Using DSM Auto paste in Costway -

To easily list from Costway, install our DSM Auto paste chrome extension.
You’ll find the extension “List to dsm” button beside the “Add to Favourites” button.

Or the "Blue Cart Button" on the search result page.

To list in bulk using DSM Auto paste, in the search results, hover your mouse to the listing and it will show you the “+” button:

- Drop shipping suppliers guide: how to use Costway -

Is Costway a dropshipping-friendly supplier? What products offer a drop shipping opportunity? What should you expect from Costway support when you wish to handle a return? Does Costway offer a dropshipping agreement?
Here is the drop shipping suppliers guide for Costway

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