BlueCare Express is a third party supplier integrated into DSM Tool Chrome extension and used by Amazon to eBay dropshipping sellers to convert invalid tracking numbers to valid ones.

One of the disadvantages of using Amazon as a supplier for eBay drop shipping is the Amazon Logistics company also known by the name "AMZL". When Amazon ships a product using their own logistics services their tracking details cannot be validated on eBay which can harm your seller ranking.

Amazon Logistics tracking numbers affects your account in a few ways:

  1. Customers service queries Buyers tend to feel excited when ordering an item and they wish to track the delivery, but when trying to track Amazon Logistics based item you see no information. That is when they start asking questions, opening cases etc. Moreover, this can be a recipe for scams as well

  2. Loosing cases If buyers claims that they did not receive an order, you won't have a legit proof to win the case, which can affect your rating as well.

  3. Top Rated Seller status Since one of eBay's requirements to achieve the Top rated seller status is to have a certain percentage of track-able orders. Having some of your orders shipped with AMZL can sabotage your goal of reaching the Top rated seller status (note: either way drop shippers cannot become top rated seller due to the eBay drop shipping policy)

The BlueCare Express Solution

BlueCare Express is an accepted-by-eBay carrier that is being used to validate the tracking information when the order is being processed by Amazon Logistics.

How to activate BlueCare Express in your account?

The BlueCare Express uses credits in order to exchange the AMZL tracking numbers. Each conversion requires 0.5 credits from your Auto Order credit balance.

You do not need to activate the Auto Order feature in order to convert AMZL tracking numbers.

How does it work?

The conversion is integrated into the Auto Order and the DSM Tool chrome extension.

When you purchase a product on Amazon and ship it to your customer, BlueCare Express will convert any AMZL tracking numbers in to an accepted-by-eBay and valid tracking number.

The tracking updating process from Amazon is different than other websites because since June 2020 BlueCare Express no longer updates automatically the order status from Amazon. Therefore it is required to go back to the Amazon "track order" page after you've processed order on Amazon in order for the BlueCare Express service to obtain the information about the delivery status until the order is marked as arrived at the customer.

Converting and Updating the tracking number work flow

Follow the steps below to learn how to use the Chrome extension to automate the tracking details updating process:

1. Open the received email from Amazon notifying about shipped order and click the "track order button", or you can instead open the order Tracking page directly from Amazon.

2. DSM Auto-Paste will automatically detect Amazon logistics tracking number and convert it to BuleCare express tracking number.

Note: If the order was delivered already, BlueCare will not convert the tracking number, therefore the original Amazon Logistics tracking number will be copied.
The following notification will be displayed.

3. Once converted, the tracking number will be copied to the clipboard and you'll be redirected to DSM Tool Sales & Orders page.

4. Locate the relevant order from the list of orders, and click on the Add tracking button.

5. Click on the "Auto-Paste tracking number" button, BlueCare express tracking number will be automatically pasted into the dedicated field, press ADD to save the tracking into the order.

6. After between 24-48 hours return to Amazon orders page and locate the order, then click on the "Track Order" button to open the order tracking page.
When you are inside the order tracking the chrome extension will send the current delivery status to BlueCare express so they can update their system with the most recent state of the package delivery status, at this point other than visiting the tracking page, you're all set!
This is what you should see when visiting Amazon tracking page after already converting the tracking number.

BlueCare Express recommendation:

To be able to obtain an up to date delivery status on eBay, it is recommended to visit Amazon order tracking page at least twice per order:
1. To convert the tracking number and update eBay order with the converted tracking.
2. Once delivered to update eBay order status to "Delivered"

It is recommended to visit the tracking page once a day in between, in order to keep the status accurate and up to date.

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