Home Depot is an American company provides retailing business which sells tools, construction products, and Home Improvement solutions.

Dropshipping from Home Depot can distinguish you from your competitors and bring you new sales thanks to their affordable prices and fast shipping.

Home Depot is an exclusive seller of many brands and has its own company-owned brands such as: Husky tools, Workforce tools, HDX, and a few more.

Home Depot's prices are varied by shipping address, and as known, Home depot sends their packages from multiple distribution centers, since shipping address cannot be predicted, DSM Tool scans Home Depot items according to one zip code - 07047.

DSM Tool recommendations for working with Home Depot as a source 

Monitor settings
Lister settings
Business policies templates
Using DSM Auto paste in Home Depot

- Monitor settings -

It is important to learn the shipping methods every supplier provides in order to plan your workflow and adjust your shipping policy accordingly.
Home depot offers multiple shipping methods (learn more about Home depot shipping methods)

We are going to focus on 3 main methods that are commonly used in Home depot online store:

     1. Free shipping on 45$ order:

If the item cost more than 45$, it will be free shipped.

In items that cost less than 45$, we recommend to enable the automatic shipping fee of 5.99$ to be included in the price by selecting this option in your DSM Tool Monitor settings

    2. Standard Shipping:

Standard Shipping is the default shipping method for most items in Home Depot and includes delivery by a small parcel carrier.

Shipping fee will apply in such orders, and it will vary by size and weight, therefore we offer an option to exclude such listings by enabling a protection in your DSM Tool Monitor settings  :

    3. Express delivery:

Express delivery includes next-day delivery by a small parcel carrier. Processing time is additional and will vary by product.
Since express delivery fees will vary based on the size and weight of the order, such items will be placed under protection and will prevent buyers from purchasing. 

 - Lister settings -

Default Location:

To set a default location for your items, simply type in the location within the dedicated text-box in your DSM Tool Lister settings tab.
We've gathered some of Home Depot distribution centers locations:
Swedesboro, NJ
Bloomfield, CT
Pittston, PA
Winchester, VA
Solon, OH
Plainfield, IN,
West Columbia, SC
McCalla, AL
Lake Park, GA
Redlands, CA
Houston, TX
Note: If the location was not modified, it will be set by default to Phoenix, AZ.

Break even settings:

The break even percentage are available to modify in your DSM Tool Lister settings tab.
It is important to set the right break even settings when working with any supplier, Home Depot included. The right percentage to be set depended on multiple variables:

1. Marketplace fee: If you're selling on eBay, the average final value fee for a sale is 9-10% varies on the seller location.

2. Payment processing fee: should also be taken in consideration, Paypal fees or any other payment processing fees you might be charged for.

For example- if you are accepting Paypal as the main payment processor you should consider both your % based transaction fee which is different between each seller (normally 2.9%-4.4%) and don't forget to take into account the fixed transaction fee (usually $0.3 for US sellers, £0.2 for UK sellers and €0.35 for Germany, yet it is recommended to check your fees according to where you are selling at and where is your Paypal account registered).

Fixed transaction fees are not available via the DSM Tool settings, therefore it is recommended to add them as an estimation according to the price range of the items you are selling. For example, if most of the items you are selling from Home Depot are around $100 sell price, you should add 0.3% to represent a $0.3 fee.

2. Tax exemption: Are you a local citizen in the country you are selling in or an international seller? Specifically for Home Depot which is located only in the U.S if you are an american citizen you might want to consider taking a tax consultation to check the ability to get the tax exempted which will lower your purchase price

3. Discounts and gift cards: Are you using discounted gift card, cash-back credit card or a cash-back service when purchasing from Home Depot? If so, you might wish to take that into account as well when choosing the right break even percentage.

Business policies:

Shipping policy
Since Home depot items are shipped within the United States and they often use standard shipping methods, shipping service must be set accordingly. 

For example:

Click here to learn more how to edit ebay business policies

Return policy
Item in Home depot can be returned within 30-90 days, based on the specific item statement. it is recommended to set the return policy to a minimum period of 30 days. 

Be prepared to pay the return shipping costs unless the reason for the return is an error by The Home Depot, therefore it's up to you if you'd like to pay for the returns or to make the buyer pay for them.
This should be stated in the return policy as well.

- Business policies templates -

Every source offers a different shipping duration and handling times.
For your convenience, we have an option to set business policies templates by a source that will be presented in the item description.
Click here to learn more how to use Business policies templates.
Note: If not modified, the business policies templates default text will be set to use in Home depot items as well.

- Using DSM Auto paste in Home Depot -

To easily list from Home depot, install our DSM Auto paste chrome extension.
You’ll find the extension “List in dsm” button under the “Add to cart” button.

To list in bulk using DSM Auto paste, in the search results you’ll find “+” button under the “add to cart” button:

Or to select all IDs button at the top left of the search results:

Learn more how to use DSM Auto paste.

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