One of the most common tasks that requires automation when processing orders is to copy-and-paste the buyer details and the tracking number information.

In this article you will learn

  1. How to automate the copy-paste of the buyer details when processing an order

  2. How to automate the copy-paste of tracking number information

- Processing an Order -

Once you received an order it will appear in the Sales & Orders page and a "Copy Address" icon will appear next to the buyer details.

Click on the Order Item button to copy the buyer details to the clipboard of your computer and open the product page on the supplier website. 

At this point you can begin the ordering process as usual, click add to cart/buy now and continue to the page where the buyer details and address is required.

When getting to the step of providing the details and address of the buyer. DSM Auto-paste will generate a button with the text "Paste Buyer Address" (or: "Paste Client Address"). 

Clicking on it will automatically paste the buyer details and address from your computer's clipboard to the page, allowing you to complete the ordering process faster.

Note: when DSM Auto-Paste was first created, it used to also click on the checkout buttons automatically for you on the websites of the suppliers Amazon and Walmart, this still works only on Amazon and Walmart but is deprecated for the rest of the suppliers supported by DSM Tool.

- Updating Tracking Number Info -

A day or two after placing the order, the tracking number information will usually be sent to you via email. It will also appear in the website you ordered the product from under your orders page.

Locate the email or the order on the website, a button with the text Copy Tracking will appear. Click on it to copy the tracking details, it will also open the Sales & Orders page automatically for you

On the Sales and Orders page click on the Add Tracking Button on the actions section of the order you are updating.

A window will pop up. Click Paste Tracking Number.

The tracking information will be pasted into the Tracking Number and Carrier fields, then you can click Add and the tracking information will be updated on your store.

- Completely Automated Orders -

You might want to consider using the DSM Auto Order, it will both process the orders and update the tracking numbers automatically for you. Check if the supplier you are buying from is supported by the DSM Auto Order feature.

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