Disconnecting and reconnecting your eBay account often help in solving most of the problems that you will encounter in DSM such as information that are not the same in your eBay account and more. 

Note: This will NOT delete any of your listings, it is completely SAFE

Here's to learn how to Disconnect and Reconnect your Shopify store to DSM.

You cannot have both eBay account and Shopify store connected in one DSM account.
You need to create a separate DSM account for Shopify store

Once you have created a new account for Shopify, you need to link the 2 DSM accounts together.
Here's the guide to Manage Multiple DSM accounts.

To Disconnect

1. Go to Settings

2. On General tab, scroll down to the bottom part of the page. Then hover your mouse pointer to "Connected" under eBay and it will change to "Disconnect" button. 

3. A message will be shown at the bottom left corner saying, "You have been disconnected from eBay".

To Reconnect

1. Click on eBay.

2. Select which eBay domain or country do you sell. Then click Login.

3. It will redirect to the log in page of eBay. Enter the email address or username then the password. 

3. After logging in, eBay will an authorization to grant DSM Tool access to link your eBay account. Click on "Agree" button. 

4. A confirmation page will appear that you successfully connected your eBay token to DSM Tool. Once you received this, close the window/tab. 

How to connect to the New eBay API?

By doing this process, you will be able to make your listings qualify to the new eBay catalog system. 

Note: This will not delete your listings, it is completely safe. 

To Connect

1. Go to Settings.

2. On General tab, at the bottom part of the page you will see eBay connection. Click "Connect to new API" button.

3. A confirmation message will then appear on DSM Tool to let you know that you successfully reconnect/linked your eBay account to DSM Tool.

Once, connected, you will now see the option to automatically assign your existing listings to ePID.

To learn more about the New eBay Catalog System, click here.

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