Account Details

Part of the Settings is the Account Details of which can be automatically filled after you signed up with DSM Tool. But you can also change it anytime you’d like depending on your preference. Let’s go over every part and discuss them.


In the picture above, there is no option to change or edit your email address so either stay with it or if you want to change it then we suggest creating a new account.

First Name/Last Name

We made this option open for editing because others want to hide their real name for security purposes or if you just want to put a cool name for your account.


You can also change the country depending on where you are located or if you moved overseas.

Default Currency

Selecting your preferred currency will affect the currency around DSM Tool and we recommend to use the currency according to the market that you are targeting. For example: If you are selling on eBay UK from Amazon UK, then set the default currency to GBP.

The default currency will not affect the currency used when publishing the item to eBay, the currency in eBay is set according to the eBay site you are publishing to (e.g. publishing to will set the selling currency to USD by default)


You can now set a time zone to your account, changing the timezone will affect the way your daily statistics are calculated and the rest of the times shown in your account. This way you can work at the timezone of your customers in the U.S, U.K, Germany etc.

Selling PayPal Account

Enter here the Paypal email address you are using on eBay to accept payments. This email address will be used when you are listing items in eBay via DSM Rapid Lister in the Paypal address field and to this Paypal account you will receive payments

eBay Connection

When it is connected, it means that your eBay and DSM account is properly connected and synchronized.

Note: If you made some changes on this options, please make sure to click the “Update” button for the changes to take effect.

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