How to add your own template to DSM  Tool

 1. Create a template using any method you like:

  • You can use DSM’s editor to create a new template or make changes in the existing templates

  • You can use a 3rd party service such as CrazyLister

  • You can code your own template using HTML/CSS (no JS allowed on eBay)

2. Paste these place-holders in your template to inform DSM Rapid Lister where to locate the imported data from the source website:

[[TITLE]] – Listing Title (after the changes you made in it via DSM Rapid Lister), the title is a special place-holder and it is only filled by data when the listing is being published on eBay and it will appear as [[TITLE]] when preparing the listing in the Rapid Lister.

[[ORIGINAL_TITLE]] – the original title from source website

[[IMAGE]] – Main Image

[[FEATURES]] – The item’s features at Source website

[[DIMENTIONS]] – Dimensions of the product from source website

[[DESCRIPTION]] – Description from source website

[[PAYMENT]] – Payment policy as set in your templates settings

[[SHIPPING]] – Shipping policy as set in your templates settings

[[RETURN]] – Return policy as set in your templates settings

If you are using a service such as CrazyLister, you will need to copy your HTML code:In In CrazyLister, click on the PUBLISH button in the top right corner.

And then click ” Copy the html code”

3. To add the new template, go to Templates page at DSM

4. Click “New Template”.

5. If you are creating your template using DSM editor, create your template and move to Step 7
If you are adding your own HTML code (such as CrazyLister template)  click on Tools -> Source Code

6. Paste the HTML code and click OK

7. Pick a name for the template and choose if to make it your default template

8. Click Save Template.

Done! Your new template will appear in the Templates table, if it is the default template a V mark would appear next to it.

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