Listing duration is the amount of time your listing will be active in eBay and available for your customers to purchase it. It varies between 7, 10, 30 or "until canceled by the user" (aka GTC). Selecting the right duration for your listings plays a major role in your selling strategy. In DSM, we support all of the listing duration under “Fixed Price Format”, listing your items in your own price and your buyer can purchase it immediately. 

What is a Good till Canceled listing (GTC) ?

One of the many formats under which you can create your listing on eBay is called the Good Til Canceled (GTC) listing. Under this format, your listing will be created for a duration of 30 days. It will be a fixed price listing and at the end of the 30 day period, your listing will automatically get renewed and list again. This continues to happen after every 30 day period till such time that the seller cancels the listing.

Why using GTC?:

  1. GTC is great for keeping sales history of an item you sell multiples on and I use it for that all the time.

  2. For those listings that are not GTC, if you have watchers on the listing but it does not sell, you lose those watchers when the item relists.  With a GTC listing, the watchers stay connected.

  3. The GTC format allows an item that reaches 0 quantity to remain active on eBay. Therefore, if an item run out of stock on the source site, you won’t have to end the listing on eBay. And also, when the item will be sold on eBay and the quantity will reach 0, the item won’t end on eBay like in other formats.

  4. DSM Tool Price Monitor out of stock protection and out of free shipping protection uses the method of lowering the quantity of the listing to 0 when it goes into protection mode which is only possible with GTC listings

Using the GTC format on our eBay listings will help us build trust.

Just imagine that you would come across such an eBay listing, won’t you feel confident to move forward with the order? 🙂

What happens to a listing in a different format in the Monitor ?

For example, if you add a listings with a duration of 30 days to DSM Price Monitor

  • If the item becomes OOS (Out Of Stock) on the source site, the price of the item on eBay will by multiplied by 3, instead of having the quantity being set to 0 which might cause reaching you limitations much faster

  • Once the item will be sold on eBay, and the quantity will reach 0, the listing will automatically end, and a green “Relist” button will appear in DSM. Clicking the button will relist the item on eBay on GTC Format  even if it is set to another duration.

How can I list items using different Listing Duration in DSM? 

We know that every listing duration has its own purpose and eBay will not put all of those without any reason. So, DSM also opens the opportunity for our valuable customers to list items using different Listing Duration other than GTC. 

To do that, you have to go to the Settings > Monitor. Scroll all the way down and you will see the Price Monitor Settings

Since you can't set the item quantity to 0 when it's not GTC, you have to select "Double the Target Price" option so that the other Listing Duration will be enabled. After you select "Double the Target Price" option, you have to click the Update button at the bottom part of the page. 

Now, In the Rapid Lister section, paste the source link of the item that you want to list then click "Import". 

Once the source link is imported, go to the listing settings and that is where you can change the listing duration to 30 days, 10 days, and 7 days depending on your selling strategy. 

To know more about Listing Duration and how it works with drop shipping, click on the link below: 

Are You Using The Right eBay Listing Duration For Your Items?

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