DSM Tool Price Monitor page is where it reprices the listing final price according to changes made from the source. You can also change the details of your listings here to be more sellable.

What happens if I change price/end an item on eBay?

Sometimes you may choose to manage your listing’s price/quantity in a different way than the automatic repricing and stock management DSM offers.

What happens when a price/quantity changes on eBay?

If you list an item using DSM and it appears in the Price Monitor page, changes of price/quantity will not take effect. The price monitor will change the price/quantity back on it’s next scan.

What do we recommend to do?

1. You can remove the item from the monitor and leave it on eBay using the “Remove from monitor” option on the list’s multiple-delete options. Note that once removed from the monitor page DSM will stop repricing and protect the list from going out of stock and you will have to manage it manually.

2. When you decide to put the list back to the price monitor and manage it via DSM, simply click on Add Existing Listings on the bottom right corner in the price monitor page, add the listing’s ID and source address and click ADD

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