Verified Rights Owner or VeRO in short is a program of eBay that gives authorization to the intellectual property rights owners to take off particular listings that accommodates information that violates the ownership or rights  such as brand, images, and other legal rights. 

DSM Tool is powered by VeRO protection that blocks from publication automatically all the VeRO brand participants included in eBay's VeRO list. eBay's list of VeRO products and brands is not comprehensive, it means some rights owners have not contributed their brand names to the list but still they can advise eBay to remove listings from sellers who are not authorized to sell such products or brands. 

You might encounter that when you list an item In Rapid Lister, an error will pop-up and will tell you that you will violate the VeRO if you will list the item. (See screenshots below)

There are 2 reasons why you are getting this errors: 

1. The product/brand is included to eBay's VeRO list

This does not need in depth explanation, just to explain it plainly, you will NOT be able to list the item. 

But, some drop shippers will tell that they are authorized by the rights owners and should have access to list the item. In this case, DSM will still not allow to list that item as it protects all of our customers and not just one particular person, it was also requested by eBay's team during the discussion of the raising amount of VeRO violations among drop shippers.

2. The product/brand is included to DSM's VeRO user reported list

In DSM, we are a community that helps each other to protect each other and we created a feature that lets you add products or brand names that is not included on eBay's VeRO list and then it ended up that your listing was removed or your eBay account got suspended because of it. 

If you want to add suspected VeRO items so that it will not victimized you again and affect other drop shippers, just go to Price Monitor page. 

At the Global Operations section, you will see a button that says "Report on VeRO", so just click it.

A window will pop-up and you just have to enter the product/brand name and the text verification code then click on Report button. It is important to report the brand name as it appears when trying to list the item in the Rapid Lister under the brand name specification, reporting a link or an ASIN/ID of an item might not go through the review process and get automatically denied from the list.

You can also disable it if you are an authorized seller to sell that kind of item by going to Lister Settings then disable the "Block VeRO brands reported by other users". 

The VeRO Dashboard Alerts

The VeRO dashboard alert scans every day eBay listings in the Price Monitor and detects VeRO listings.

The VeRO alert count items according to the user settings:

1. VeRO reported by other users will count only when enabled in the lister settings

2. eBay's official VeRO list will count even if the settings ignore brands reported by other users.

(Click here to learn more about dashboard alerts.)

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