List of Customer Service email Messages for your usage

Q: Why did I receive a package from Amazon?

A: We are 3rd party sellers on, part of our items on sale are fulfilled directly by Amazon both to our eBay and our Amazon buyers.

Q: Can I change shipping address / Can you ship the item to a different location?

A:  Thanks for your order.

Unfortunately, the item has already been moved to the shipping stage and we cannot change the address at this point.

As stated in the eBay list we cannot change your shipping address once the order is created, it is being immediately processed and cannot be stopped (it is done this way to reduce to minimal the shipping delivery time), I did contact the warehouse to see if there is something that can be changed and I was told it is already moved to the shipping phase.

Sorry I couldn’t assist you with this.


Message 1 – (if you decide to cancel the order): Dear Sir, I’m contacting to let you know that unfortunately, I cannot fulfill your order due to a lack of availability from our supplier. I’m so terribly sorry it’s my bad.

I might have it available in two weeks from now, but I can’t commit on this as this item and similar to it has been unavailable nationwide in the last days.

To avoid wasting your valuable time, we are processing a full refund in the first time, pls check your account within 24 hours.

I hope you will understand, and I really hope you decide to shop with us again.

Message 2 – (If the item is delayed (order from China, order within a week):

Dear Sir, We really have already shipped product out to you. Just because of some uncontrolled reasons, the logistics company delay the delivery.
You will receive it soon. In order to protect your buyer protection, we agree to refund you.
We would like you to cooperate with us as follows:1) Hope you could pay us back when you get the parcel.
2) Appreciate if you could leave us positive feedback, over 3 stars or no feedback.Your understanding would be highly appreciated

Message 3 (- If you want to ask the user what he wanna do):

Dear Sir, We have found a problem with the product and we don’t want to send you a defective item, we are very sorry for this if you still want this item I can provide it a week late, or I can give you a full refund as you wish. We are looking forward to hearing your reply. Have a nice day.

Message 4: (- Offer user to cancel his order):

Unfortunately, the product you just bought is out of stock and under our inspection. We recently got many complaints about this product, our costumers sent us photos that show the product was delivered in bad condition. We are trying to solve this problem with our carrier A.S.A.P, but at the moment we are out of stock. Due to a technical problem, we didn't update this listing with the quantity of the product. We are very sorry about that and we hope you will agree to accept the cancellation.


Message 5 (- Offer 2 options to the client):

Dear Customer, We regret to inform you that the item you ordered is actually out of stock and is on back order. We are expecting to receive these back in stock in approximately 2-3 weeks per the manufacturer. This is still not guaranteed as it depends on the manufacturer, sometimes it's sooner, sometimes it could be later as well. This is just an estimated time. That being said, we are very sorry we are unable to ship this out to you and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We have 2 solutions for you. A) We can offer you a full refund and call it even, we will still leave you positive feedback and hope you do the same for us! An email cancellation will be sent by eBay, please accept it. B) If you don’t mind the wait, we can ship it out when it does come back in stock. To show you our gratitude and to send you a token of appreciation, we can offer you a 5% refund on the order if you choose this option. Please let us know which one works for you, sorry once again. We appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this matter.

Message 6 (- Offer a future discount on another item):

Dear Customer,  It is an extreme emotion of shame and regrets that we have to inform you we are unable to complete this transaction and we will be issuing you a full refund right away. I am so so so sorry about that. We actually ran out of stock on this item a few weeks ago and with a few clicks (a mistake) on eBay, this item was accidentally relisted when it was not supposed to. I am so sorry about that. As a good gesture, we would like to extend a 10% discount on any other order or future item you place with us. I appreciate your understanding regarding this issue and once again I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you

Amazon cannot ship item to this address (PO box)

Message 1:

Dear Sir, I apologize but as stated in our list the item cannot be shipped to a P.O., box please provide a physical address to ship this item so we will be able to start processing your order.

Message 2:

Dear Customer, we are not 100% sure what the reason is but when we went to process your order and ship to you our vendor kicked it back saying they can’t deliver to your address. Possibly city/state regulations with products like this. We are very sorry to inform you we will be issuing you a full refund immediately. My most sincere apologies about that for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Message 3:

Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your order! We wanted to inform you that because we ship with UPS, they are unable to deliver to a PO BOX. Do you have a physical mailing address we can ship your order to? Please let us know, thank you!

User requests to cancel the order

Message 1 (Can’t cancel):

Greetings, we respect your request to cancel the order, however, we are unable to guarantee that the order can be canceled at this point. When an order is placed, it gets routed to our vendor within 2 hours. The best time to cancel the order is before those 2 hours. Once the order is routed, we have to “catch” the order with our vendor before it ships as most of our customers appreciates the fast shipping. The best thing to do at this point is simply refuse the delivery once it arrives that way the order will go right back to our warehouse. We can issue you a full refund once it gets routed. Thank you and have a great day.

Message 2 (Can Cancel):

Thank you. Your order has been canceled. If payment was made it will be refunded within 24-48 hours or even less depending on the method of payment. We apologize that we could not complete the transaction. We will still leave you positive feedback and ask that you do the same for us as it is very helpful for our business. An email will be sent by email regarding the cancellation, please accept that as well. Thank you for your cooperation, have an incredible day!

Client received a DAMAGED product

Message 1:

Dear Sir,

I am so sorry to hear you have received a defective product
I have sent you the return labels to your email. The return is on me.
I will refund you automatically as soon as getting it back, Please place another order if you want, and I will make sure you receive it very fast.

I apologize for the hassle, that doesn’t happen usually.


Message 2:

Dear Customer, I am so sorry to hear the item arrived damaged. Please know that we shipped this out in new perfect condition. What appears to have happened was the shipping carrier mishandled the package and damaged the item, which we have no control over. This is not a problem and where our excellent customer service will come in. We may be required to file a claim with the shipping company and we will work quickly to provide an adequate resolution for you. To help expedite the process, we ask that you take and upload 1 or 2 photos of the damages to help us with our claim. Please allow me 24-48 hours to come up with a resolution for you. We will either: A) Issue you a refund to replace the order (We may or may not be required to have the item shipped back) B) Get a replacement order out for you. Thank you for your understanding/patience, and again I apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Message 3 (Missing Parts):

Dear Customer, I am so sorry to hear the item arrived with missing parts. Please know this is extremely rare and uncommon but it does happen as people in our warehouses are human and can make mistakes from time to time. We had this item shipped directly from our vendor so please allow us to contact them for a quick resolution. I will be contacting you within 24-48 hours on how to proceed but please know we will do what we can to make this right for you. Thank you for your understanding/patience and again we apologize for any inconvenience caused

Client wants to RETURN an item

Message 1 (UPS Pickup):

Thanks for your message, we will be happy to instruct you how to return the item for a full refund.
Please return the item using the following instructions:

UPS will pick up your return package on the next business day.
An adult must be present.
Please print the attached label at any time and attach it to the original box came with the product.

as soon as it will be received back in our warehouse, you will be fully refunded.

Message 2:

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your patience, I’ll be happy in assisting you returning the item back.
How to return a package:

Please securely pack the item to be returned in a box if possible also pack it in their original product packaging,

  1. please add the return authorization form that can be found in the attached email ” Return 1″, please print and include a copy inside the package.

2. Please print return label image “Return2″and write your return address in the space provided in the upper­left corner of the label.
3. Affix the return label “Return2” squarely onto the address side of the parcel covering up any previous delivery address and barcode without overlapping any adjacent side.
4. Give the package to your letter carrier or take the package to your nearest post office and affix the appropriate amount of postage for delivery.

You will get refunded as soon as the item arrives and verified.
Hope this was easy to follow, in any case, please free contact me for any query, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
Thank you very much for your pleasant communication and I hope to deal with you again in the future.

Asking Client for Positive Feedback

Message 1:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your purchase.
Five stars service and customer support is my first priority.
If you got your item please let me know by posting a positive feedback.

Thank you and best regards

Message 2:

Hello, Sir,

By the tracking number, I can see that your order was delivered successfully. If everything was fine, Please give it 1 minute to leave a feedback! Leaving feedback builds trust and lets other members know about your experience.

If something was wrong and you do not want to leave me positive feedback, please let me know before opening any case and I’ll do my best to resolve this issue to your full satisfaction.

I hope you will enjoy your product!

Thank you for your time,

Message 3:

Dear Customer, We hope you got the product you ordered by now and you are happy with what you got. In case something is wrong or you’re dissatisfied, please let us know A.S.A.P so we can help you and we will solve the problem together. We are trying to promote our business on eBay and your positive feedback will help us a lot. It’s a pleasant experience to do business with you.

Client asks to PICK UP the Item


Dear customer, we appreciate your business, however, we currently do not have will call or pick up system available at this time because we ship from multiple warehouses across the US. We assure that if you order it, we will ship and get it delivered as soon as possible. Thank you



Dear Valued Customer, Currently, we ship our items internationally (Outside the USA) through Ebays Global Shipping program, where we actually ship the items to eBay’s shopping center, and then eBay will re-ship it to the end customer. Due to this process, we have no control in postage/fees/import duty/taxes. Ebay is the one that calculates and handles that. If you are able to Buy It Now and check out, the postage should automatically calculate for you. If you are unable to check out, it simply means the item is not available to ship through this program due to weight/size/category restrictions. We thank you for your business and hope that you place the order if you can, and we will do our part and get it out to you right away. Typical turnaround time is 10-14 business days. Thank you!

Client Complaints about PRICE on Receipt


In order to provide our customers with a larger variety of products within the fastest amount of time, we often ship our items directly from our vendor which is included. Normally the price is not displayed so we apologize for the confusion, please disregard the price, it is a wholesale price quote.  If you insist, I am willing to partially refund you for the price differences as a service, but know that I am taking it out of my own pocket.

Q: When the item will be SHIPPED?

A: Orders typically ship within 1-3 business days of payment. (Weekends do not count as business days and we are closed during weekends) We do our best to ship out as quickly as possible. This is reflected in the estimated delivery date you were originally given. We will update you with tracking information as soon as it ships. Thank you and have a nice day

Client did get the TRACKING NUMBER yet


Dear Customer, we ship from multiple warehouses and vendors and there is often a delay in obtaining the tracking # with certain ones. This should have shipped out by now so please allow me 24-48 hours to contact them to obtain the tracking #. I should notify you soon when we get this information

Q: What is the VOLTAGE?

A: The item runs on 110V made for North America, however, with a simple transformer or converter which you can find at any local electronics or hardware store, you can use this in your country with no problem! Enjoy! We got a few of these left so order 1 right away and we will get it shipped to you. This is an awesome item!

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