4 People. That's the number of people that signed up through an affiliate link that it takes for most our users to get all of the money back from your subscription to DSM Tool.

With even the software payment paid back to you, you reduce your business expenses and really dropship at no-risk.

If you think about it for a second, affiliate and dropshipping are pretty similar - you look out for people that will buy something, and you get your cut for it.

In this guide I would like to share with you a practical step by step explanation on how you can create a new channel of income by generating affiliate profits. You can use apply this method to any affiliate program you will join.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. Can you really become a successful affiliate marketer?

  2. How much does the affiliate program pay?

  3. How to join the affiliate program

  4. 5 ways to make people click on your affiliate link

Do you have an actual chance to make money from this?

Definitely. And the reason why is logic and simple:

I used a software called Ahrefs to analyze the amount of searches on Google for the keyword "dropshipping". In the US, for example, almost 100K people look for it every month.

eBay was established in 1995 and between 1995 and 2020, we got 25 years have 12 months in them... So long story short we get to 30 million people searching dropshipping in the US in 25 years.

These numbers are completely incorrect, yes? But the point is that no matter how popular you think that dropshipping is - there is still so many people that didn't even try it including:

  1. People that have never heard of it

  2. People that heard of it, but didn't try

  3. People that tried one type of dropshipping (let's say Shopify) but not another (for example, eBay)

Even if you did not yet make even the first sale, even if you only listed one or two products to your store...

After investing the time to learn how to start the dropshipping journey, you already now have the most valuable knowledge that so many people don't yet have. This knowledge of yours, should you share it with others - can worth money.

By sharing your knowledge, your story, you can get people to ethically and willingly click on your affiliate link.

When people that you referred to DSM Tool start their own dropshipping business they are likely to subscribe, and when that happens - you get a cut of that payment.

It's a win-win-win situation: the person you referred gets to start his own dropshipping business, you get to make more money and we get to spend our marketing budget on you instead of on Facebook ads (and we like you much more than Zuckerberg!).

How much does the affiliate program pay?

The affiliate program pays 25% of every payment the affiliated user makes a period equal to 12 months of subscription.

For example, if the person you referred subscribes to a monthly Basic plan for $25/month you get $6.25 for each payment that is made for 12 months.

If they subscribe to an annual plan for $239.97 you get a one-time credit of $60.

How to join the affiliate program

The affiliate program is available for all DSM Tool members of any plan.

In order to join the Program, go to your settings page

Then, click on the “Affiliates” Tab

Read the terms of use and mark the “I agree to the terms of use”.
Click “Join the program”.

Your referral link will appear now in the tab, click on the edit button to create a unique ID for your affiliate link.

5 ways to get people click on your link

Making people click on your affiliate links is best done when you provide them with real value.

I want to share with you some practical examples on how you can easily get started

1. Word of mouth

Statistically, when referred by a friend, people are X4 more likely to make a purchase. You might have people in your close circle that would be interested to learn a new way to make money online that involves low-risk.

To tell a friend about your experience, start the conversation by being honest.

Say: "Hi, I am writing you because I am building a new online business using a method called dropshipping and I was wondering if you'd be interested to learn about it"

Here are more things that you can share with your friends:

  • "I already made X sales"

  • "My plan is to become profitable by MM/DD/YYYY"

  • "There is a free training and free trial"

  • "I can help you with the setup if you want"

Whatever you do, make sure to be transparent about your affiliate link when you send it and thank your friend for supporting your business.

2. Documentation on your social profile

If you want to reach more than one person at the time, you can share on your social media communities your journey.

If you choose to do it, keep posting consistently about your journey.

3. Help people in Facebook communities

You can break the limits of your close circle of friends by helping people that areactive in relevant Facebook communities.

There are so many groups I stopped counting how many of them I am a member of. To find new groups go to the Facebook groups page and use the search groups option.

Enter there words like "dropshipping", "how to make money online", "be your own boss", "solo entrepreneurs" etc. and you will find an endless amount of groups where you can find people for your affiliate program.

You can do that by locating recent posts by people asking beginners questions and then contacting the person that created the post, advise them in private messages from your knowledge and ask them to signup through your link

Or you can post yourself an invitation to get help, for beginners and then contact the people that posted on your own post.

Here is something you can offer: "I saw that you need help with getting started, there is this free course by DSM Tool that I took and was very helpful to me and it's completely free when you signup to their free trial. If you take it, I can help you with if you have questions... here is the link..."

4. Engage with people on Reddit

Same as Facebook, forums like Reddit, Quora and others are full of people who are interested in making money online - many of them drawn to business models with high risk, which gives you the opportunity to offer them something different.

Unfortunately, Reddit does not allow the placement of affiliate links in its forums. But it doesn't mean you can't send affiliate links in private messages there.

You can post about your journey, same as suggested above to do in your social profile and you can invite people to contact you if they want help with getting started.

5. Engage with people on other social media platforms

I think that the point is getting clear here, it's the same way of doing it only the platform changes:

  • On Quora you can answer people's questions

  • On Instagram you can share your journey with stories and offer people to DM you for more details

  • On Twitter you can tweet about your progress

Remember, it takes on average 4 people to cover your monthly subscription to DSM Tool.

Go and get started!

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