By doing this process, it may solve most of the problems that you will encounter in DSM such as information that are not the same in your eBay account and more. 

Note: This will not delete your listings, it is completely safe. 

To Disconnect

1. Go to Settings. 


2. On General tab, at the bottom part of the page you will see eBay connection. Click "Disconnect from eBay" button. 

3. Another window will appear confirming that you want to disconnect your eBay account. Click "Yes,Disconnect" button. 

4. It should look like this (See image below). This means that your eBay account is now disconnected to DSM Tool. 

To Reconnect

1. Click "Step 1: Log in" button

2. It will redirect to the log in page of eBay. Enter the email address or username then the password. 

3. After logging in, eBay will be asking for you to agree that you will grant DSM Tool the authorization to link your eBay account. Click on "Agree" button. 

4. A confirmation page will appear that you successfully link your eBay account to DSM Tool. Once you received this, close the window/tab. 

5. Go back to eBay connection and click "Step 2: After Login Click here" button. 

6. Then a confirmation message from DSM Tool will appear to let you know that you successfully reconnect/link your eBay account to DSM Tool.

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