In this article you'll learn about:
Setting general default break even and profit
Setting break even per source

The default profit and break even are set on DSM account settings, once you set them your rapid lister will automatically set the break-even and profit to the values you set as default, this, of course, could be changed manually when using the rapid lister.

General default break even and profit

1. Go to the account settings page 

3. Click on the Lister tab

4. Set your default break even and profit and click Update

Note: If you're not sure about the percentage that you want to set, click on the calculator icon for more visual calculations. 

Default break even per source

To set the break even per source simply click on this button as shown in the screenshot:

Choose source from the dropdown list, and set the break even percentage.

Then click Add.
Repeat these steps if you would like to set default break even for more sources.

Note: The lister will calculate the break even per source if added to the settings, otherwise it will take the general default settings

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