You can use Filter in Price Monitor to adjust the number of rows in the table that you are working with, and only show rows with the specific information that you want to see. 

1. This first filter helps you to show your preferred number of items per page. 

2. Filtering it showing the status of your listings: 

-Only Ended - Listings that already ended in eBay and were not yet deleted from DSM (appears with a green "relist" button next to it's eBay's stock status).

-Only Active - Listings that are still active in eBay (including Out of Stock listings|)

-Only Not Scanned Listings - Listings that you turn off the monitoring.

-Only with Notes - Listings that has notes added by you or by DSM.

3. When clicking on filter list you can filter by:

- Text in the titles

- Source website (drop-down)

- Source ID (e.g. Amazon ASIN/AliExpress ID)

- Price/Profit/Views/Sales/Qty: Exact number OR you can use < and > to set "lower than" or "greater than" for example <30 in views count means show all items with less than 30 views, >1 in sold will show items that were sold more than once.


By default, it is sorted by days from newest to oldest. you can click on the field names to sort it from low to high and from high to low. 

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