DSM Auto paste is a Google Chrome extension that can modify or enhance the functionality of DSM Tool within and outside of the DSM platform, mostly in it's supported sources: Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, Home Depot, Kmart, Sears, Target and many more...

In this article, we will show you how to update an Amazon tracking number easily. Different sources might require some different steps but in general the process is the same for all supported websites.

After placing the order on the source website, you will receive a Tracking Number Update email.

What you need to do is just go to your email account and locate and open the email for the order you will be updating. Once you open it, no need to touch your mouse, the DSM Auto Paste Chrome Extension does it all for you within 5 seconds.
It copies all the relevant information then go to the Sales and Orders page and paste the Tracking Number as well as the carrier and saves it.

There are times that the extension cannot recognize the name in the email and on the Sales and Orders page. The extension copies the Tracking Number and Carrier but don't update and save it in the order.
In this case, you need to do the process manually.

Go to your email account and open the tracking number update email. Check all the details and make sure it shows the correct Name, Address and of course the Order details.

After checking and verifying the details in the email, go to your Sales and Orders page and click on the Add Tracking Button on the right side of the order you will update

And then the window will pop up. Next thing to do is simply click Paste Tracking Number at the right side of the screen.

Once the fields are populated with the tracking information, click Add and you're done.

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