DSM Auto paste is a Google Chrome extension that can modify or enhance the functionality of DSM Tool within and outside of the DSM platform, mostly in it's supported sources: Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, Home Depot, Kmart, Sears, Target and Overstock.

Semi-Auto Order

The best way to fulfill orders is by sing the DSM Auto Order system. Whether you are only starting drop shipping, need to manually fulfill on order or use one of the DSM suppliers who is not supported by the Auto Order system, this is the feature for you. It makes the copy and pasting of the buyer's order quick and easy which makes it a great tool and it's totally FREE.

Once you received an order,  click on the "Order" button and it will redirect you to the source products page. 

In this stage the Product page will open automatically, in some cases like Amazon and Walmart items the DSM Auto paste Chrome extension will help you by automatically clicking on the buttons that processes the order including marking the order as a gift. 

When getting to the step of providing the address of the buyer. DSM Auto paste will reads the address of the buyer from the Sales & Orders page and paste it automatically in the address field. 

Saying that, in some cases it might not be able to recognize the address and paste it, in that case - go back to Sales and Orders page and look for the buyers address. You will see a "Copy Address" button click it and the address will be copied automatically

To paste it, click on the "Paste Client Address" button in the address filling area at the target website.

Continue with the order processing in order to finish the purchase.

Order multiple items in one cart

You can order more than one item in a single cart on Amazon and save yourself time. The fastest way to do that is by using the "Copy to amazon address book" button that is located right next to the "Copy Address" button. Save all addresses, then add all items to cart and select ship to multiple addresses during the checkout process.  

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