Tmart, is an online shopping marketplace founded in January 2011 and its headquarters are located in Hong Kong. They have warehouses located all over the world and their biggest are in US, UK and Hong Kong.

Tmart support in DSM Tool
As mentioned, tmart has multiple warehouses over the world, however DSM Tool supports items located in China warehouses at the moment. 

DSM Tool recommendations for working with Tmart as a source 

Lister settings
Business policies templates
Drop-shipping from Tmart

- Lister settings -

Default Location:

To set a default location for your items, simply type in the location within the dedicated text-box in your DSM Tool Lister settings tab.
For Tmart, default country is set to China, therefore you can choose to modify the city.
For example: Beijing, China.
Note: If the location was not modified, it will be set by default to
China, China.

Break even settings:

The break even percentage are available to modify in your DSM Tool Lister settings tab.
It is important to set the right break even settings when working with any supplier, Tmart included. The right percentage to be set depended on multiple variables:

1. Marketplace fee: If you're selling on eBay, the average final value fee for a sale is 9-10% varies by the seller location.

2. Payment processing fee: should also be taken in consideration, Paypal fees or any other payment processing fees you might be charged for.

For example- if you are accepting Paypal as the main payment processor you should consider both your % based transaction fee which is different between each seller (normally 2.9%-4.4%) and don't forget to take in a count the fixed transaction fee (usually $0.3 for US sellers, £0.2 for UK sellers and €0.35 for Germany, yet it is recommended to check your fees according to where you are selling at and where is your Paypal account registered).

Fixed transaction fees are not available via the DSM Tool settings, therefore it is recommended to add them as an estimation according to the price range of the items you are selling. For example, if most of the items you are selling from Tmart are around $100 sell price, you should add 0.3% to represent a $0.3 fee.

3. Discounts and gift cards: Are you using discounted gift card, cash-back credit card or a cash-back service when purchasing from tmart? If so, you might wish to take that into account as well when choosing the right break even percentage.

Note: Tmart do not charge for taxes, therefore it's not necessary to take the tax percentage into consideration when setting up the break even. 

Business policies:

It is important to learn the shipping methods every supplier provides in order to plan your workflow and adjust your shipping policy accordingly.
Click here to learn more about Tmart shipping methods.

Shipping policy
Since DSM Tool supports Tmart items that are shipped from Chinese warehouses only, the shipping policy service should be set accordingly, taking into consideration shipping duration Tmart offers for international orders.

For example:

Click here to learn more how to edit ebay business policies

Return policy
Tmart items can be returned if turn out to be defective within 90-180 days since the original shipment date, based on the specific item statement. Sellers in U.S. may request a Return Label from Tmart customer Service. International sellers may get a return shipping fee reimbursement.
Tmart offers Return shipping fee reimbursement of 30% of the item's price which should be less than $40. The maximum of return shipping fee reimbursement is $40.
With that being said, it's important to set the return policy accordingly.
It's up to you if you'd like to pay for the returns or to make the buyer pay for them.
This should be stated in the return policy as well.

Click here to learn more about Tmart return policy.

- Business policies templates -

Every source offers different shipping duration and handling time.
For your convenience, we have an option to set business policies templates by source that will be presented in the item's description.
Click here to learn more how to use Business policies templates.
Note: If not modified, the business policies templates default text will be set to use in Tmart items as well, which is modified for US suppliers.

Suggested shipping policy template:

We ship this item to worldwide destinations,However some countries are excluded.
Orders are processed within 5 Business days after payment verification.
Shipping to the U.S. is by Economy Service which might take up to 45 days to
arrive. Tracking Number will be provided.
If you have not received your shipment within 60 days from payment, please
contact us. We will track the shipment and get back to you as soon as possible with a reply. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction!
Please note that import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item's price or shipping charges,Please Check with your country customs office to determine what additional costs will be prior to the order.

- Drop-shipping from Tmart -

Tmart offers a special program for Drop-shipping, which will basically give 10% discounts for an amount of items monthly, based on the account level.
They also provide option to download product information without watermark to conveniently post product information on your online stores.
To learn more, click here: Tmart drop-shipping

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