Upgrading your DSM account means that you're looking to grow your business! You can find an upgrade button on the DSM dashboard page or get to it via this link

Plan limits

Your plan sets the listings limit in the Price Monitor page of your account

Meaning – you can publish and end as many listings as you wish on the target website via DSM Tool as long as in the price monitor you do not exceed the amount of listings in you plan.

Select the right plan for you

If you do not understand how DSM plans work you might want to read this article. In the upgrades page, choose your preferred plan by scrolling the different plans and clicking on UPGRADE NOW

Credit from your last payment carries on when you are upgrading your plan

When upgrading, your balance from your last payment carries on. Therefore, if you have upgraded your account before your next payment date the "leftover" credit will be used for the new plan payment and you will be charged partially, the next payment date will also change to the new plan first payment date.


When downgrading to a smaller plan your balance from the previous payment does not carry on, instead you will simply not be charged until your next billing date in which you will be charged only for the new plan price.

Supported payment methods

DSM Tool is using a highly secured third party to process payments, the payment options are dependent on the payment methods the are accepted in your country and in the country of incorporation of the DSM company, mostly used payment methods for DSM users are Paypal and credit card.

Changing your payment method

The best way to perform a payment method change is by contacting DSM customer support. The DSM team will cancel your current active plan and downgrade you to a Free account so you could upgrade again with the new payment method.

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