In this article, you will learn about the Rapid Lister Settings

You will learn how to set the following:

- Default Location -

This is where you set your preferred store location. It will be shown on your listings on eBay so your buyers will know where the products will be coming from. You can enter the city and state you prefer. 

To set your default item location, in the Rapid lister settings, enter the city and state you prefer

If left blank, DSM will auto fill it with a default location as following:

US - Phoenix, AZ, United states
UK - Northampton, United Kingdom
DE - Siriusstrasse 3, Halle an der Saale
FR - Saran, Loiret, France
CA - Mississauga, ON, Canada
IT - Piacenza, Italy
ES - Barcelona, Spain
CN - Zhejiang, China

- Watermark or Logo -

It is a feature in DSM that allows you to add logo on your listings to improve your branding.

This feature is available for VIP users only.

If you already have an existing logo, you can simply click on Upload Logo button to have it shown on all images of your listings.

And if you have no logo yet, click on the link to create one and you will be routed to the logo creator website.

Note: Maximum logo size is 500x500px but we highly recommend to use 250x125px on logo for perfect fit.

- Bad Words Filter -

This feature allows you to remove unwanted words to appear on your listings’ title and description.

This helps in removing words that violate eBay policies.

To automatically remove unwanted words, simply type the words into the box separated by a comma “ , “ sign. 

And the entered words will not be shown anywhere on your listings for protection.

- Break-even % -

Break-even is the percentage added to the final eBay price in order to cover up fees such as eBay insertion fees, PayPal fee and sales tax (if necessary).

The percentage can be set depending on your preference. But the common fees are:

  • eBay fee (10%)
  • PayPal fee (4%)
  • Sales tax (5%)

Sales tax can change depending on the product type and state or country you are selling your products. There are states that are sales tax exempt.

Here’s a sample list of the State and Local Tax in the US as of 2019:

Break-even % can be different with every suppliers so DSM gives you the option to assign the break-even % on each supplier you list from.
To set it up, simply click on this button to add the break-even% per source:

Then choose the source name and enter your desired break-even % for that specific source

Once done, click Add.

Now this will be set as your default break-even% when you import listings from the chosen source.

Click on the link to learn more about setting up your Break-even %.

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