DSM connection to Amazon? tell me more!

In the account settings you can now connect an Amazon Pro seller account to DSM, this connection is not (yet) support listing, monitoring and using DSM for Amazon stores. But when connecting DSM to Amazon you'll get upgraded to Basic (250 items) plan for no extra charge, yes, it's totally FREE !

FREE 250 items plan? Tell me more! 

Once connecting DSM to Amazon your account will upgrade to Basic (250 listings) plan automatically for FREE as long as the Amazon connection is valid. DSM is using those connections for research purposes, therefore is willing to upgrade you for free when you establish a connection!

I have a larger than 250 listings account, what will happen?

First, the connection will not downgrade you to  Basic account, after connecting your Amazon store contact our customer support team, we will check if you're eligible for a monthly discount for your monthly subscription

Is this deal forever?

The Amazon connection deal is subjected to changes in the DSM Tool research and development needs, any change that might affect your free Basic plan will be announced ahead to make sure 

How to connect DSM to your Amazon Pro account

In your account settings under the General tab find the Amazon connection button.

Then, select the region your Amazon Pro account is connected to, the supported accounts are either .com/.ca/.com.mx  accounts or .co.uk/.de/.fr/.it 

In your seller account go to Settings -> User Premissions

Scroll down and click "Authorize a Developer"

Fill in the DSM Developer account details

  • For .COM /.CA /.COM.MX account Developer's Name is DSMTool and the Developer Account Number is 524178740943
  • For .CO.UK / .DE / .FR / .IT / .ES account Developer's Name is DSMTool and the Developer Account Number is 524178740943

Approve DSM Tool as a third party app for your account

Copy (select and click CTRL + C) the Seller ID and the Auth

Paste the Seller ID and Auth to your DSM settings and click Attach Account

Your account is now connected, and your account has been automatically upgraded to Basic plan!

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